"Never Lose Sight of Your Goal"


What Our Customers Say About the 360 Trainer:

"I have had the Silvi Trainer for 2-yrs and our family loves it! We use it on a regular basis all year around. It is durable & easy to set-up and store away when not in use."

-- Jack B, Bothell, Wa

"My three kids LOVE this rebounder! Soccer, Baseball, Lacrosse...they can't wait to get outside and play ball! Best purchase we've ever made for the kids." Plus mom uses it to practice her hockey shot. :)

-- Sharon P, Bellevue, Wa


"Our kids love it because they can use it to practice multiple sports and they don't need to have a partner when they work on passing and shooting."

-- Wes B, Duvall, Wa


"Our kids use the Silvi Trainer everyday. They use it to practice Soccer skills. It has been well worth the purchase."

-- Nicole A, Arlington, Wa


"We use & love our Silvi Trainer all the time. We use it for Soccer, Lacrosse & as a Backstop for Baseball. Great product & well put together."
-- John H, Sammamish, Wa


"My son is a freshman at Liberty High School, and plays baseball on the Patriots JV team. He is the catcher, but has learned how to pitch by practicing on the Silvi Trainer. He has pitched in 3 games and got two wins!"
-- Tara B


"I purchased the Silvi Trainer 360 for my son and he loves it. So do I."
-- Arnold B, Tulalip, Wa


"These are really nice trainers.Great for the kids and grandkids!"
-- Patrick F


"I am just thrilled -- Paul brought the Silvi 360 today and assembled it in the back yard. My 8-year-old son has been out there now for an hour and doesn't want to come in! He just said, "Now, I'll have something to do all summer!" What a great design -- it's like playing catch with another person."
-- Robin C, Seattle, Wa



"Thanks to Silvi Sports for saving my arm with your 360 Trainer. These happy boys have not stopped throwing since the install."
-- Janine R, Seattle, Wa