"Never Lose Sight of Your Goal"


Paul Silvi

Paul Silvi photoGrowing up in the Midwest, I loved playing soccer. I can’t tell you how many goals I constructed as a kid, just to be able to kick at something in my backyard. I remember building one out of old 2x4’s, and weaving the net out of rope. As ugly as it was, it actually worked, and I was pretty proud of it.

Over the years, my design evolved from a simple soccer goal, to a goal that featured a rebound net and a field goal, allowing the product to be multi-functional. Being multi-functional brings added play value to users of the Silvi Trainer. Aside from the strength of the goal, my favorite feature is the action you get from throwing a ball at the rebound net. The bungee balls allow for a strong rebound, and the throwing surface is larger than many other similar products on the market.

David Chamberlin

Dave Chamberlin photoHelping me bring my vision of creating a quality backyard goal to fruition is my co-founder, David Chamberlin. I met David several years ago and upon hearing of my idea, he was off and running to help bring this idea to life. David brings his wealth of knowledge from years working in the sporting goods industry and his extensive connections in the manufacturing and retail side of the business. David and I have worked closely over the past few years, and I am honored and excited to have him on my “team”.

After years in the making, we are extremely proud to unveil our latest goal, called the Silvi Trainer 360. No 2x4’s and rope here! They have been replaced with steel and traditional netting. We’ve spent the last couple years perfecting the Silvi Trainer, and from day one we built it like a tank. That is the one thing I have never wavered on through years of building prototypes. Throughout the entire evolutionary process, I refused to cut any corners or sacrifice the integrity of the construction in any way. We wanted our finished product to stand strong time and time again. This is truly a product we stand behind.

Thank you for purchasing the Silvi Trainer 360! We are confident it will provide you years of enjoyment. Please watch for additional new products being created for the Silvi Trainer to enhance your experience.